Canine Colors® is such a game changer for me!

The facilitation process was a breeze, and the support I receive from Letitia is amazing. She is always available to help me customize my presentations depending on the audience.

As a sales rep, I am able to differentiate myself from my competitors and bring value added content directly into the clinic. The impact that it has had on communication within the clinic has been amazing to watch. The staff members are able to discover their personalities and learn how to communicate and interact with their each other. Clinic owners and management have been so impressed with the results, that most of them have adopted Canine Colors® into their clinic culture by adding their color to everyone’s name tags. Some clinics even use it as a hiring tool.

The best part about the program is that it is specifically designed for the veterinary industry. Canine Colors® has truly helped me develop long standing relationships with my accounts and has contributed to my overall success in the business!

Amberly Lopez

Global Learning & Development / Elanco


This is a fantastic, one of a kind program, tailored for this (animal care) industry! An indispensable tool for any practice.

Jim Hansbauer

(newly certified Canine Colors® Team Leader) / Pfizer Small Animal Health


Great program, what a wonderful opportunity, thanks Jim and the Pfizer team!! Brenda and Brad are great!! I can’t wait to share this with my Team. Thanks again”!!”

VCA Tennessee Animal Hospital


This has given me different ways to deal with not only my fellow co-workers and family, but my pets as well.

Kim Maull

Practice Manager Assistant / Seven Hills Pet Clinic


What a great, informative, insightful class! I can’t wait to share this with the other staff members.

Circle Tail and family

Canine Colors is a great tool to help build and fortify team dynamics. In a challenging field like veterinary medicine, it is so powerful for healthy teams to understand that we all communicate differently. We need to be coached differently, recognized differently, challenged differently. Canine Colors is a wonderful resource to teach and practice those lessons. I’ve used it for years and am a huge advocate!

Bret Canfield

Director Organizational Development / SUMMIT Veterinary Referal Center

Huge success! Meeting with Dr Danielle Wallek and staff this past Sunday. Everyone had a blast! Surprised to see so many Gold personalities in this hospital! Thanks for your support!

Kat Hester

Corpus Christi, Tx